Hello, my name is Itai Hagage. I was born in Jerusalem, Israel, 1993.

I speak four languages; Hebrew, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

By age 8 in 2002 I moved to Costa Rica with my family, where I basically grew my entire life. 
Since a little kid I've been fascinated with painting and drawing. I started my career at a very young age, selling my art back when I was six years old, by age 12 I was already having art exhibitions.


In October 2016 I graduated from Universidad Veritas with honors.

In January 2018 I moved to Israel to work and grow in the art community/industry.

I currently work at Playstudios - Tel Aviv (mobile gaming company) as a concept artist.

AWARDS & Honors

Winner of the Enfocus Film Festival 2016 (Costa Rica)

  • Best Digital Animation 

  • Academic Mention

  • Enfocus Award


Best Carribean Film 2016 (Winter Edition)

  • Martinique International Film Festival


Films by independent Non-European filmmakers, HEIs, Association 2017 - Winner

  • First place at the 4th Meet Film Festival (Italy)


Winner of the Guildford Film Festival 2017

  • Award Winner of the Guildford Film Festival (United Kingdom)


BELOW 0° Shortfilm


Best Short Science Documentary Film 2017

  • Award for Best Short Science Documentary Film (Czech Republic)


Winner of VII Ibero-American ABC Short Film Festival 2017

  • Best student short film of Latin-America and Spain (Spain)


Winner of Near Nazareth Film Festival 2017

  • Best Animation award at the Near Nazareth Film Festival 2017 (Israel)


 Winner of the ACAFILMS Film Festival 2017 

  • Award for best experimental short film at the ACAFILMS Film Festival 2017 (Brazil)


Best Natural History Documentary Short 2017

  • Award for best Natural History Documentary Short award at The University of Idaho Fish & Wildlife Film Festival (USA)


Best Animation 1-30 min (International competition) 2017

  • Best animation award at Västerås Film festival (Sweden)


Best Animation 2017

  • Best Animation award at the LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival (Italy)


Honors Mention - Landscape Film (Mallku) 2017

  • Below 0° is Honored for the category (Mallku) Landscape Film - (Chile)


Best Film, Photo, Poem or Art 2017

  • Below 0° wins the Avalonia Themed Film, Photo, Poem or Art Award (USA)


Best Central-American Animated Short Film 2017

  • Best animation short film award at Ícaro Festival (Guatemala)


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