A meteorologist who narrates his experience in the Arctic through a voice recording; And how his life is linked physically and spiritually to nature.

Below 0 ° is an animated short film that uses fictional documentary as its main narrative resource.
The main theme concerns the life of Vladimir Kozlov, a 53-year-old Russian-born meteorologist, who by the time of the alleged audio recording would have had about 20 years of living in the Arctic. The events narrated in this film were based on the decade of the fifties of the twentieth century.
The events are narrated metaphorically from a voice recording by Kozlov himself, who is accustomed to document his experiences and thoughts experienced in this inhospitable place, in such a way that the voice that is heard is that of the character himself.

Film Stills

The film is based on the meaning of the life of human being in relation to the greatness of nature.
Nature has two meanings, on the one hand it is the natural environment where all living and inorganic beings develop; And on the other, nature is understood as the essence of a Being. To destroy nature, not to respect its wealth, dynamism and laws, is equivalent to not respecting the human being who must live from it and with it. When it is not treated properly and with benevolence to the nature, the human being does not behave with dignity with its fellowmen.
The human being is becoming more and more aware of the need to preserve the natural environment in which he develops. Ecological problems are also moral problems, since the well-being of the human being and his subsistence depends on its solution.


In this stage, the process of exploration of the short film was developed, initially with information about the locality in which it was based for this film; Was investigated about the Arctic, and how this place is physically, which served to reference it in terms of forms, such as mountains, ice, snow, and soil, among others.

Another important point of observation is the textures of each element found in the North Pole, and understand how it behaves, the snow, rocks and ice, among others.

And finally, to make reference of the color, is what is an important factor in this short film since it allowed to create different ranges of colors together, once understood as it varies the color during the day, the afternoon and the night in the Arctic.

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